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iPod Touch Updates about 1000 songs everytime I sync

Posted: Tue Apr 01, 2008 7:45 pm
by Big Hum
After installing MPFreaker, every time I sync to iTunes my 32G iPod Touch updates about 1000 songs even if I have made no changes to my iTunes Library. It will even happen if I unplug and resync after it updates the 1000 songs. Has anyone else had this problem?

iPod Touch re-syncing

Posted: Thu Apr 03, 2008 1:39 pm
by beastie
Big Hum, have you modified these 1000 songs with MPFreaker? That would explain the first update, but not the fact that iTunes wants to update these songs every time.

Are you using MPFreaker in Directory mode to access the songs on your iPod directly (not recommended!) or are you using another mode (iTunes Library or by playlist)?

We haven't heard of any problem like this previously. If you'd like to carry on with LairWare support via e-mail, you can get us at Otherwise, I'd be happy to continue here in this forum topic.


Posted: Mon Jun 23, 2008 1:03 am
by JustinHorne
I actually came here with the exact same problem...
A few months ago, I used MPfreaker, updated a few thousand songs, and all was good. But then, yes, every time it synced, all of those songs got resynced to the ipod. Needless to say, that was a huge deal. I ended up backing up all my playlists, formatting the iPod, , 'deleting' the library, then adding back all the song files...

I LOVE the program, but I'm not going to go through that hassle again... Any ideas on what could be causing it?


Posted: Wed Jun 25, 2008 1:33 pm
by beastie
Justin, hopefully you can help track this down. As mentioned above, we've never had anyone contact us with anything like this problem outside of you two in this forum. If someone reading this is still experiencing this problem, please contact and perhaps we can help fix this situation without resorting to extreme measures.

Did you have MPFreaker's source set as "iTunes Library", "Disk Directory", or by playlist? If by "Disk Directory", do you have MPFreaker accessing your music on your Mac, or directly on your iPod?

Did you have iTunes running at the same time that MPFreaker was updating your music?

What model of iPod do you have?

Posted: Sun Dec 28, 2008 1:16 pm
by bed
I have had this problem since using MPFreaker on my MBP with both an iPod nano and iPhone. My wife also has the problem on her iMac with both her iPod Video and new iPod Touch.

For me, it only always resyncs between 17-30 song - for my wife it resycns between 300-500 songs.

Some hunting around indicates that its a problem with song artwork that triggers iTunes into resyncing, see ... ID=6638240 and

of course I don't want to delete all my album art, its the main reason I use MPFreaker! But I suspect its what is causing the issues.

(note this started ages ago with an old version of MPFreaker). I have been using the betas so perhaps its an issue triggered with one of them.

I'm now using 1.8 final to 'embed' all my artwork, I'll let you know if that makes a difference.[/list]

perpetual sync

Posted: Mon Dec 29, 2008 11:01 am
by beastie
It indeed sounds like iTunes is choking on something to do with embedded artwork for some song files, perhaps a particular image format or tag format combination.

If possible, could you e-mail a number of these continually resyncing songs to This sounds like something Apple needs to fix in iTunes, but I'd rather not wait if we can find a workaround.


Posted: Mon Dec 29, 2008 1:49 pm
by bed
Just an update on this, on my MBP, the problem seems to have gone away - no songs are resyncing now after embedding all tracks.

1. Load MPFreaker with main iTunes library
2. Select a song that has ITunes artwork (so the 'Embed' button becomes visible)
3. Command-a to select all songs
4. Click Embed.

These steps on my wife's iMac reduced the number of songs resyncing from 300-500 to 81 songs (and the same 81 songs every time). I suspect mp3 tag issues is triggering these. I will fiddle some more and if I can't figure it out will email you.


further progress

Posted: Mon Dec 29, 2008 8:26 pm
by bed
I deleted all lyrics in the playlist my wife syncs to her ipod. Her iTunes now only resyncs 12-17 songs each time - and only when iTunes *starts*. ie plug iPod in, iTunes loads, it syncs and resyncs 12-17 songs. Unplug and plug in again, no songs resync (originally this would resync ~500 every time). Quit iTunes and then plug in iPod, and it will resync the 12-17 again.

I really suspect the tags, will investigate more tonight.