Dealing with "Track 1" etc. songs

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Dealing with "Track 1" etc. songs

Post by beastie » Sun Nov 20, 2005 4:00 am

Another e-mail exchange that may be useful to others:
When I bought my Mac I was on dial up, so shoved a bunch of CD's in and ripped MP3 files. I thought I would just make one connection and get the data. Wrong.
For all those Track 1's, etc. you should try iEatBrainz. It can scan a bunch of songs automatically with nothing to go on but the sound of the songs themselves, though it may bog down if you try to scan more than a couple hundred songs at once.

If you want a bit more control over the process, you can instead use MPFreaker to fix these. It won't be able to sort out everything automatically in one action, but it can make life much easier at least.
  • 1) In iTunes, put all of these completely untagged songs into their own playlist. Add the Date Added column by control-clicking in the column headers. Sort by Date Added so that tracks from a given CD are bunched together.

    2) Play a song in a group of "Track 1", "Track 2"s in order to find out what it is. Select all tracks from that CD, press (apple-I) to edit information for all of them at once, and type in just the Artist and Album title. Wash, rinse, repeat for everything in the playlist.

    3) Now you can use MPFreaker on this playlist. Be sure to turn on Overwrite for Song Title, to replace your "Track 1" etc. titles with real ones. I suggest not having "Deep search" enabled.
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