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Ultima III 2.1 released

Posted: Wed Mar 23, 2011 4:40 am
by beastie
Ultima III 2.1 is here:
  • Improved standard graphics to be smoother, with nice shadows.
    Added polygoncount's Ultima V tileset.
    Fixed a bug that caused some fonts to not be usable.
    Fixed bug where wearing non-Exotic armor in Exodus Castle didn't mean you were automatically hit.
    Fixed bug so that armour is properly taken into account for deflecting blows.
    Fixed bug where on some screens, going full-screen and using the main menu could force the bottom of the Ultima window off the screen.
    Fixed Alchemists so they now get a Steal & Disarm bonus as described in the original documentation, though the Apple II version did not actually have it.
    Druids now have the upper limit of their mana handled correctly.
    Fixed a bug which could cause letter I tiles to be shown as a door when it isn't.
    Firing cannons on a ship now properly shows the tile background for chests.
    Firing cannons on a ship and hitting a monster now properly shows the tile background.
    After you've defeated Exodus, there's another new Wizard spell "Flotellum", and Dag Acron can be cast whilst on a boat.
    Other minor tweaks and fixes.
Ultima III 2.0 will offer to download it for you, or just download it here:

Re: Ultima III 2.1 released

Posted: Wed Mar 23, 2011 12:02 pm
by polygoncount

Does this mean I can put this on my resume? LOL! :lol: