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Bug while sending back orpheans to itunes

Posted: Sat Aug 29, 2009 3:34 am
by zmr

I bought SongSergeant a couple of days ago, and it's really helpfull for me.

I've found a bug with the orphans tool. When I select a file to add it to itunes, it is trashed instead !
And of course, if I try to trash it, it is trashed really...
Well, it's easy to take the orphan by myself and to add it to itunes, but I'm a bit disapointed by this bug :-(

Mac Os X.5.8, iTunes 8.2.1, SongSergeant 1.0(17).

[Edit] Sorry, reading the post "Introducing Song Sergeant", I discovered that a new version has been released yesterday... 1.0.1(20)

But still, I can't add the orphan to Itunes : it no longer trashed, but simply not add...
What I did :
- scan of the library
- selection of an orphan
- click on "add selected to itunes" button
Then, the selected track disapeared from the Song Sergeant orphans list, is still in its folder on my HD (no longer trashed ;-) ), but nothing appears in itunes :-(

Well, I have a lot of orphans, due to a HD crash, but I can wait a bit for a 1.02 version :-D

Diagnosing orphan add to iTunes not working

Posted: Sat Aug 29, 2009 2:45 pm
by beastie
Knowing three things could help me figure out what's happening on your system:

In iTunes' Preferences (Advanced), what is the state of "Keep iTunes Music folder organized"?

Also "Copy files to iTunes Music folder when adding to library"?

Finally, open Console (in Applications/Utilities) and see if Song Sergeant logged any messages. If you don't see any messages from SS, relaunch it and try to add some orphans again.


Posted: Sun Aug 30, 2009 1:32 am
by zmr
So, previously, my itunes settings were :
- Keep organized : no
- copy files : yes
And no SS logs in Console.

What I tryed :
- to set itunes as : yes/yes, yes/no and no/no => nothing happens but creation of the "adopted" playlist (well, and yes, now I have to put back each cover and text file in the right folders... damn' !)
- to trash the SS pref file, and then (after rewriting my SN : hopefully you didn't chose to put a very long and strange SN :-D )
- to set again itunes in each different possibility...

SS can create the "adopted" playlist, but failed to add the file to itunes.

Add Orphans to iTunes

Posted: Tue Sep 01, 2009 3:15 pm
by beastie
Thanks for the feedback. We're working on reproducing this behaviour here so that we'll know for sure when it is properly fixed for 1.0.2.


Posted: Wed Sep 02, 2009 11:43 am
by zmr
I've had a huge trouble with the MacOs X.5.8 update file this week-end (kernel panic...), and I suppose it happened due to something wrong on my HD (its not very clear yet because Disk Utility doesn't see any problem with the HD, but I had to use my Leopard DVD to launch DU because my imac refused to boot, stopped at the grey screen-little wheel stage).
So now I'm waiting for a new HD, and will make a new clean install.
Hopefully the suspected SS bug will dissapear ? I'l let you know ASAP.

1.0.2 beta available for testing

Posted: Fri Sep 04, 2009 1:53 pm
by beastie
This has hopefully now been addressed for the 1.0.2 release, for which I have put up a beta prerelease:

If you were experiencing a problem like this with Song Sergeant, please try out this beta, and post your experience in this thread.


Posted: Sat Sep 05, 2009 10:57 am
by zmr
Works perfectly ! Thanks a lot :-)
I'm now waiting for the 2.0.2 final...