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Song Sergeant version 1.0.4

Posted: Thu Jan 28, 2010 5:01 pm
by beastie
To upgrade, run the version you have and ask it to "Check For Updates..." under the Song Sergeant menu. You can also simply go to for the latest.
  • • Much less likely to experience "critically unresponsive" errors with iTunes.
    • Can rearrange columns in Duplicates view.
    • Now able to properly compare non-Latin items with each other and often with Latin items (e.g. "アカギ" = "akagi")
    • Better at distinguishing playlists it can work with.
    • Better able to cope with paths containing decomposed unicode characters.
    • No longer looks inside iTunes Extras for orphaned song files.
    • Now properly deals with duplicates which actually point to the same song file.
    • Better problem reporting.
    • Many other minor tweaks and improvements.