"Appar Unem" question + miscellaneous

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"Appar Unem" question + miscellaneous

Post by polygoncount » Thu Mar 10, 2011 4:02 pm

Has this spell ALWAYS been able to open a chest even while the party is in combat (that is, since the original U3)? While standing on a chest on the overland map, I was attacked and accidentally cast this spell by mistake, opening the chest on the occupied tile.

It makes little difference to gameplay, but I was curious if this was a newly-implemented feature of the Lairware version.

Also: In addition to the new "Diorama" and "Create" functions post-Exodus' destruction, are there any other oddities we should know about? ;)
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Post by beastie » Mon Mar 21, 2011 9:48 am

I had no idea, so I had to try it out in an Apple II emulator -- yup, you could successfully Appar Unum a chest whilst in combat on the original, too.

A hopefully complete list of things that change after you beat Exodus:
Some are possibly things added after 2.0 came out, in which case they'll be in an upcoming release

You can return into Exodus castle and it is no longer inhabited.

Newly spawned monsters will be peaceful (except pirates). If they run into each other, they'll fight.

Outdoor K)limb command becomes K)reate new world.

Outdoor D)escend command becomes D)iorama (though it's pretty lame).

Lord British will raise your HP max beyond level 25.

Boats become unaffected by wind, even if you have wind turned on.

Attributes no longer have racial limits.

There are a couple of new Wizard spells.
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