lovin the software. some feedback

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lovin the software. some feedback

Post by Velda » Wed Mar 28, 2007 5:07 am

Ive been using MPFreaker for a while now and i cant tell you how much i have appreciated it. Ever since they added the artwork window in iTunes i have been trying to get my music collection to a clean and "complete" state with everything they would add to the ID3 fields. This app saved me countless hours getting album art into my collection, and then later with lyrics as well.

The only real issues ive ever had with the program are all the japanese covers that can come in, but i figured out that running them all again a second time with higher settings got rid of most of them and only kept the japanese covers when they were the only ones available.

A few features id like to see in future releases are support for adding more album images such as CD backs and inserts (i know this is a little crazy, as it relies on a pretty advanced database already existing.) BPM count would be great, as right now I hafta use an extra application to crunch all of my Mp3s to figure out their BPM and add it in. Integration with something like iEatBrainz's system would be pretty cool, making it an all in one solution, but that as well would be no simple task.

Id really like it if the program could output a formatted report of what it Couldnt find so that i could go back through the list by hand to manually search it all out. Keeping it formatted would be important so i could work it into a script to make things easier. Come to think of it, having a tool built in to the app to easily fill out what it didnt find would be pretty cool as well, but i know its a little beyond the scope of the project.

The iTunes script is a nice idea, I use it a lot now when adding single albums/songs to my library.

Anyway, thanks for the software. It is perhaps the best $20 ive spent on my collection. I look forward to further releases.

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