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MPFreaker 1.7.3 is available.

Posted: Fri Nov 30, 2007 4:12 pm
by beastie
A bit of Leopard-related roughness has been polished, and even if you're not on Leopard you'll want to upgrade for a number of other improvements.
  • • Expanded database for better results
    • New song duration column
    • Smaller memory footprint
    • Improved Leopard compatibility
    • Bug fixes
... and for any of you who would like to do your bit to improve MPFreaker's information-finding success rate, just turn on "Send statistics to LairWare" in MPFreaker's Preferences.

Any question about changes in this version will be gladly answered here.

Click to download.


Posted: Tue Dec 04, 2007 12:15 pm
by beastie
MPFreaker 1.7.2 would crash whilst loading one's music library if it encountered a song for which it could not read music attributes (song duration, sample rate, bit rate).

MPFreaker 1.7.3 fixes this condition and is otherwise identical to 1.7.2.