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Feature Request

Post by acoustics » Mon Feb 02, 2009 2:29 am

I'm new to Mp3Freaker, so excuse me if any of this already exist. I actually think the program does some thing very good, including grabbing art work and embedding it but the way it grabs info without confirming with you ahead of time what it;s doing seems to make things very messy. There should be at least the option of opening an update to and from window so you personally can make the decision what is better or worse to update or just leave it alone.

1. More flexibility to arrange tags to conform to the rest of your collection. It makes me not even want to tag anything because it's tagging is so messy.
Such as track numbering is x of x on some songs, while 1, 2, 3 etc on other songs. Makes songs load incorrectly on ipods and such.

The way it tags all the track numbers is horrid. I very often end up with an album missing anywhere from 1 to about 1/2 the tracks without numbers and then the ones it does find are oddly numbered. I don't know exactly what's going on here, but I don't ever overwrite anymore because even if my numbering is off or bad, it often ends up worse.

Also being able to customize capitalization, again to conform with the rest of your collection. If I have 25,000 songs already indexed in a specific way I really need customization options to have mp3freaker import it's data it finds but then re arrange this info into a specific manner. This shouldn't be too hard, just basically sorting the results to the my personal preferences. On the PC, there is a great program that does this called tag and rename. It's VERY flexible in this regard. Please steal it's concept in that regard.

2. Speed enhancements. I have a database of 76,000 songs and the program is very sluggish. Understandably this is a ton of info it's handling. But maybe performance tweaks can be made to speed this up. I'm not a software developer but whether it's streaming from drive more or buffering more into RAM or a combination of both. I can barely scroll in the program and makes it miserable to even use the thing.
So I've been considering trying to work only in chunks and manually keep track of what I'm updating. On the plus side, the initial loading of the program is better than every mp3 tagging software I've used even on pc side.

3. Being able to right click or control click and choose options on songs and things to update them quickly, or having shortcut keys would help speed things up a bit.

4. This might exist already... Log files (not just the small screen at the bottom right) that safely store the changes that have been made to your files. (I actually backup my 1TB drive just incase this program hoses my data.)

5. More intelligence with album art work and album naming itself. I wish the program could see that I have all these mp3s in a folder with the album name. And if it's grabbing art work for all but 1 or 2 tracks for some reason, it says OK I see this is from the same album and just throws the art work on them intelligently. I think the program sorta does this already but I notice not all the time.

Anyways, again I'm pretty new so sorry if any of this is common sense or already exist. Thanks for your help and reading!


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