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Beta 13 available

Posted: Mon Sep 13, 2004 1:30 pm
by beastie
What's New in Beta 13
  • - Can now be set to overwrite track names based upon artist/album/track# info
    - Preserves internal MP3 frame order for better compatibility
    - Fixed a problem which sometimes prevented drag-and-drop simple scanning from working properly
    - Many other minor improvements
Top of the list is the ability to overwrite your track names based upon the song's artist, album, and track number info ... this has to be the most often requested feature.

MPFreaker beta 13 no longer attempts to fix improperly formed tag info; it leaves it alone, and preserves the order in which all info appears.

Beta 13 also fixes a problem which rendered drag-and-drop-to-icon "simple" scanning largely ineffective when used on songs which lacked an album name; after MPFreaker put in the album name it discovered, iTunes would move it and MPFreaker couldn't find it.