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Naming options

Post by dustintinsley » Fri Jun 17, 2011 7:19 pm

I am trying out MPFreaker. I was a user of SongGenie, but looking to try something new. One feature I like on SongGenie is a few naming options such as:

1) If the song is featuring another artist, I would like to be able to add that to the song title and not the album name. when adding to the album name, it, to me, screw up the way i name my songs/albums.

2) Captilazation. I am picky here. I like for every word to be capitalized. Personnel preference, but woud be nice to have that option.

3) I would also like to see an option to be able to clear parts of the tag that you no longer want. By this I mean, if I would like the Comments to be blank, I would like to have an option to do that automatically...

Just a few ideas I had... Could this be an addition?
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