Game changes after trip to Ambrosia

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Game changes after trip to Ambrosia

Post by Pokey » Mon Feb 11, 2008 3:17 pm

I found my registration, went to Ambrosia, and maxed out my wizard and cleric characters with maximum value of intelligence/wisdom.

Some unexpected things happened when I returned to Sosaria.

1. There must be at least 10 times the # of villians to slay. No need to visit death gulch for gold anymore, just walk a few steps and be attacked by dozens. I had to setup a chest protection wall around LBC to safely retreat. I can't go very far without getting pummeled.

2. Food seems to be consumed more rapidly. Or maybe a side effect waiting for MP to go up since I get attacked so much.

3. Strange, powerful creatures that I'd never seen before started showing up. They are kinda cool unless your MP is low.

I don't doubt this existed in '83 when I played the original, I vaguely recall the increase in difficulty. I wonder if I had stopped this time at 98 MP instead of 99 it would not have been as bad. Or was it the # of trips I made to Ambrosia that triggered this behavior? Or collecting 4 cards? My guys being level 41? Just curious as to what triggers these changes.
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Re: Game changes after trip to Ambrosia

Post by beastie » Wed Feb 13, 2008 10:50 am

Nothing happens to change the number of monsters, food consumption, or strange monsters -- based on level, abilities, marks/cards., etc. That said ...

Monsters spawn at a constant rate, but if you don't get around the world much, they'll build up in certain areas and pounce upon you en masse when you come around. Also, you'll only get the basic monsters (Orcs, Skeletons, Thieves) if anyone in your party is still level 1, but after that anything can and will appear.

Time passes more quickly on the surface than it does in towns, dungeons, and Ambrosia. Therefore you consume food and regain mana more rapidly outside, too.

The original didn't restrict you to basic monsters at level one, you could get hit by anything right away! Other than that, this is all straight from the Apple II code.

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