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Song Sergeant version 1.2

Posted: Tue Jun 07, 2011 3:21 am
by beastie
  • • New "Any Unprotected" option in Audio's "Always Prefer" list.
    • Can now turn off "Match Title" in Duplicate matching preferences.
    • Added English Plural ignoring capability.
    • Now preserves selection while performing fixing actions.
    • Much less likely to encounter timeout errors on problematic systems.
    • Fixed crashing bug related to malformed .m4a files.
    • Handles text containing zero-width characters better.
    • Better communicates problems it encounters.
    • Can watch beta releases for updates.
    • Many other minor improvements.
Any other version of Song Sergeant should offer to update itself. You may need to manually select "Check For Updates..." from the Song Sergeant menu if you don't have automatic checking enabled.