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Song Sergeant 1.3 released

Posted: Thu Mar 08, 2012 2:52 am
by beastie
• New "Play in iTunes" contextual menu command available in lists.
• Duplicates list "play" buttons can now preview just the last 30 seconds if option-clicked.
• iTunes "Media folder location" now displayed in Preferences.
• Improved orphan metadata display.
• Low disk space warnings when appropriate.
• Better able to deal with poorly formed iTunes library information.
• Fixed an issue with Inconsistent item renaming using unicode.
• Fixed an issue dealing with external storage volumes that have unicode names.
• Better handling of song files that are already in the Trash.
• Better handling of unexpected results when communicating with iTunes.
• Many stability improvements.

App Store users should visit the "Updates" tab of the App Store application, everyone else just needs to launch Song Sergeant and select "Check For Updates..." from the main menu.