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Masking with custom tileset

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Masking with custom tileset

Postby polygoncount » Mon Feb 21, 2011 12:37 am

I'm experimenting with an Ultima 6 tileset (oh yeah), and I've created a mask for the tileset. It works for the most part, but the strange thing is when I blast creatures with the frigate's cannons: A random tile appears on a successful hit, beneath the "explosion" tile. This tile seems to be a constant for each monster, however (that is, each time I blast, for instance, a Thief, I get the same weird tile every time; killing a Wizard produces another tile).

Also, when firing the frigate cannons, if the blast passes over a chest, the chest tile briefly acts as though it has no mask (i.e., is momentarily opaque instead of transparent) until the blast passes it.

Can this be reproduced?
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Re: Masking with custom tileset

Postby beastie » Mon Feb 21, 2011 3:26 am

Yup, I can reproduce both issues.

A lot of other tweaks have accrued over the past 4 years (!) so I'll work on fixing these issues and getting out a new release in the near future.

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