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Beta 4 available

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Beta 4 available

Postby beastie » Tue Dec 05, 2006 5:29 pm

User interface elements can now be customized alongside tile sets.
Rewritten audio system, now a folder of named sound files for easy customization.
Blue mana "thermometer" bars now update instantly more often.
Player position on gem map now more easily noticed.
>Wind< and >Heading< label now not shown during battle.
Bartenders speak their clues out loud again.
Command-Q immediately after "Quit & Save" no longer asks you if you'd like to save.
"Look" at a person or monster is now always singular in towns and Lord British's castle.
Can no longer unlock doors diagonally.
Initial "demo" screen now employs tile masking when available.
Further injury to a dead player's body no longer causes it to scream again.
Moon phase indicator now looks properly old-fashioned in classic mode.
New "Level Up" sound.
Many other minor cosmetic improvements.
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