mpfreaker virgin. Am i doing something wrong?

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mpfreaker virgin. Am i doing something wrong?

Post by snappyandrew » Mon Nov 03, 2008 7:33 am

Hi all
Just trying the software for the first time. I have some stuff that isn't labelled eg. unknown artist. I have tried to run MPfreaker but it comes back with
Finished (modified 0 songs of 119 checked). I know I can do three at a time, as I haven't bought it yet but even doing one at a time doesn't work
Am I doing something wrong or is it just that it can't help me. Some of the tracks are not that unusual.
Thanks for any replies
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119 songs with no results

Post by beastie » Mon Nov 03, 2008 8:19 am

This is exactly why one should try software before buying it ...

There are a few possibilities here, but if this is a fairly representative 119 tracks from your library, my first guess would be that your tracks simply aren't tagged. MPFreaker is truly useless for songs that don't have a song title and an artist name separately, and not together as one big long bit of text in the "Song Title". MPFreaker needs to know what part is the song title, and which is the artist name.

Secondly: This seems an unlikely case, but if the tracks are all parts of compilations (soundtrack or otherwise) but aren't marked as such in the "Cmp" column, that would keep MPFreaker from finding anything.

Finally: Even more unlikely, it could be that MPFreaker simply could not get information for the tracks you tried. I have a very diverse library, and about 7% of it cannot be tagged by MPFreaker because the tracks are either titled incorrectly, have the wrong artist, or are simply too unusual to find information.

I'm happy to examine this further if you could give an example or two of how your tracks appear in MPFreaker before scanning.

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