Source for Album Art

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Source for Album Art

Post by greenoak » Sun Feb 27, 2005 5:45 pm

I have used MPFreaker for a couple of weeks now (after purchase). It's ok, but I find that the album art is not the greatest quality. It's hit and miss at best.

I then find myself scanning Amazon for reasonable album art. I question my purchase at these times. If I'm google searching stuff and cramming it into iTunes, then why MPFreaker?

Can you hit multiple sources for art? or at least guarantee 320X320 etc. And not just in preferences. If I set my prefs to ignore anything below 320X320 then I get no results - when I know there's art to be had as easily as going to Amazon.

Just curious.
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source for album art

Post by dholaday » Sat Mar 12, 2005 11:47 am

Not sure what MPFreaker is using for a source, but it's not picking up info for albums that are readily available thru Amazon - can we get an explanation of the reason for the problem?

Thanks, doc
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