Every music lover's dream.

Imagine a program that automatically fills in missing information in your music library! Using innovative techniques, MPFreaker quickly searches the internet to find out which album your song belongs to, the year your song was released, the genre, track numbers, and cover artwork. In seconds, any missing information is automatically added directly into your song files.

By using industry standard methods, you can see and access the new information that MPFreaker adds in any audio player which recognizes these standard information "tags", including iTunes™, iPhone™, iPod™, and other music players. Artwork and lyrics added by MPFreaker automatically shows on your iPhone's "Now Playing" display, for example. If you love your music library, you need MPFreaker!

Take your music library from this...

...to this, automatically!

  • Automatically finds and adds album artwork, album name, genre, year, and more
  • Process any number of songs automatically
  • Advanced mode includes manual editing of info, lyrics and artwork
  • Additional simple “drag-and-drop” mode for no-fuss operation
  • Work with iTunes™ playlists or directly with your music library folder
  • Works with all MP3 and AAC audio files, even those purchased from the iTunes™ Music Store

Try it today by downloading MPFreaker on the Download page. Free and unregistered, you have access to all of MPFreaker's features, but MPFreaker will only process up to three songs per launch.

Register MPFreaker for $10 (US Dollars) using the green button on the right side of this page. After registering you will receive a personalized unlocking code via e-mail which removes the three song processing limit.

MPFreaker requires macOS 10.9 or newer and an internet connection. MPFreaker does not recognize all song names, and may not find all or any of the information missing from a particular song file.

MPFreaker's advanced interface — or just drag-and-drop songs to the MPFreaker application icon for simple automatic processing.

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