You'll swear it's the 60s again.

PixelToy is one of those rare programs that defies easy categorization — it creates unique, vivid special effects which can incorporate animated text, images, sound waves, and more. You can use PixelToy to create still images to composite in an image editor, generate ultra-cool QuickTime movies for use with video editing software, or just chill out and watch the beautiful, hypnotic patterns react to audio.

Dance clubs and cafes around the world dazzle audiences with PixelToy's live visual effects. What's more, visual artists have added PixelToy to their arsenal of video effects generation software, using QuickTime movies from PixelToy in non-linear video editors such as iMovie, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere or After Effects.

  • 25 filters such as blur, smear, spread, shrink, fade
  • Output as QuickTime movies at any speed or real time
  • Can display live full-screen — use a second screen for controls if you want
  • Sound waveform and "equalizer" objects
  • Use multiple Text objects, each with its own animation behavior
  • Configurable particle "fountain" objects
  • More configurable actions: Bouncing Lines, Wander Balls, Insect Swarm, Raindrops

PixelToy 3.0 will run on macOS 10.6 through 10.14 (Mojave). PixelToy will not run on macOS Catalina or later. Sound reaction requires a sound input device, such as a USB microphone or a sound-equipped camera (built-in or external).